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Adventure Vehicle Audio Reimagined

For years, adventurers looked for specific elements in their vehicle: durability, performance, storage and power. They needed a strong vehicle that could take them from smooth highways to unexplored terrains in the mountains. Today, adventurers need more than just a ride — they need an experience. Being able to take the durability, performance, storage and… [Read More]


Partnerships Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Production

Autonomous vehicles have consumed the tech news cycle over the past few years as more than 40 leading auto companies, startups and original equipment manufacturers have worked to produce and design the world’s first fully self-driving vehicles, according to CB Insights. As lifestyles across the globe continue to modernize, the demand for vehicles that give… [Read More]


JVIS is Developing Revolutionary Touch-Zone Electric Car Heating Components

The automotive industry is increasing the time, attention and resources put into supplying electric vehicles that meet the environmental desires and performance demands of consumers. JVIS is staying on the cutting edge of those changing needs and expectations through the development of new heating technology. The technology is ideally suited for the electric vehicles, addressing… [Read More]


JVIS Offers Custom Decorating Processes Making Products Stand Out

Make your vehicle as unique as you are. There’s no need to settle for the usual when JVIS can enhance your vehicle or product with custom decorative processes. We specialize in interior and exterior decoration techniques such as: Metallic coatings Illuminated sill plates Integrated center stacks Metal speaker grilles Neo-wood finishes Flocking. Among the customization… [Read More]

electric vehicle charging station
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Make Way for Electric Cars & Vehicle Charging Stations

In early July, a leading California based electric vehicle manufacturer rolled more than 5,000 cars off their assembly line in a single week, proving that they can mass-produce their signature electric cars. This threshold crossed is one of many in recent memory for the exciting and disruptive electric vehicle industry, and innovations in the field… [Read More]