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If You Can Dream it, JVIS Can Mold It

The latest injection molding technologies at JVIS are only limited by your imagination. Because we are a vertically integrated supplier, JVIS provides injection molding in-house and can offer high-quality, high volume, low-cost and geometrically complex components to suit any need. The injection molding manufacturing process can fabricate plastic products of all shapes and sizes because… [Read More]


Streamlining Design, Manufacturing Through Vertical Integration

JVIS has built a reputation on an unwavering commitment to quality. That has never been a question. However, while the company’s name has become synonymous with excellence in the global supply chain, it’s the all-encompassing vertical integration that JVIS embraces that truly gives customers of the supplier an edge. “Vertical integration is about time and… [Read More]


Decoding the Acronyms of Manufacturing

Definitions of common abbreviations used in product development Sometimes acronyms used in the manufacturing process can be difficult to understand, let alone translate into words. Take the term Start of Production, or SOP, for example. It could stand for Standard Operating Procedure, Sales and Operation Planning, Statement of Principles or Statement of Purpose. JVIS aims… [Read More]