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A Michigan-based company with a global footprint, JVIS is a manufacturing leader that leverages the latest technologies with our vertically integrated processes to take any idea from sketch to market — and all points in between.

Whether it’s concept desgin and rapid prototyping or manufacturing a full product development, our experts will make it happen.

Full Service

We Are Experts

With our global capabilities, we get what our customers need, when they need it — as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. At JVIS, we deliver with a level of commitment and expertise that is simply unmatched by anyone, anywhere.

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We are Committed

Our Mission

We inspire, design, and create innovative solutions for any company, in any industry by combining the latest technologies with our vast capabilities to develop groundbreaking products that drive consumer demand.

Our Vision

We believe strongly in serving as not only a partner to our clients but also as a trusted guide to navigate future challenges in the automotive industry and beyond by always looking for the smartest, safest, and most efficient ways to take the next leap forward.

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World class


Companies around the globe and across many industries turn to JVIS as their supplier of choice. For some, it’s our global reach and expertise. For others, it’s our innovative and collaborative approach through every step of the process. Or maybe it’s simply our ability to help our customers with whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Fast & Flexible

We have the people, processes, and global manufacturing and assembly facilities that make it easy for us to quickly deliver the solutions you need.

Vertically Integrated

We deliver complete solutions to fit all your needs. Our expertise is available in one specific service area or full concept-to-consumer support through our global capabilities in design, engineering, verification, tooling, validation, manufacturing and assembly.

Global Reach

We not only serve as your full-service concept-to-consumer resource, but we also deliver your components anywhere in the world. These far-reaching capabilities also help us to provide localized support where you need it.

Approved at OEMs

We maintain a laser-like focus on creating the best products possible every time. The measure of our success comes in the overwhelming approval at our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Technology Driven

We continuously stay at the forefront of industry trends and are always expanding our technology offerings to help us provide the most innovative solutions.

Industry Experience

At JVIS, we have seasoned industry experts at every level who have the combined intelligence and experience to take on today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

World-Class Products

Our team includes experts in every field, from product design to product manufacturing, and it leverages the highest-quality materials and the latest technological innovations to create smart solutions that are beyond compare.

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Learn more about the latest trends and insights from the JVIS team of industry pros.

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Our Road to Success

We didn’t just become one of the world’s leading product developers and suppliers overnight. It takes hard work, innovative thinking, and strong partnerships every step of the way. All of this has helped us to grow over the years to expand our reach into other industries, develop new consumer products and broaden the range of services we can offer our customers.

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With our vertically integrated process, innovative tech solutions, and global reach, JVIS offers faster responses and turnarounds to clients all over the world.