JVIS Contributes to 2022 Award Winning Vehicles

The automotive industry is more than a century old, which means coming up with innovative, impressive ideas is something to celebrate. The start to a new year is exciting because it’s one of the times where the industry and car enthusiasts from around the world get to come together to appreciate the hard work auto… [Read More]

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Vertically Integrated Supplier from Concept to Consumer

Auto manufacturers are visionaries. They must predict and create consumer demand years before a vehicle hits the market. One of the most important yet challenging tasks for auto companies is finding a supplier they can trust to bring their vision to life — or in some cases, help them think bigger and imagine an even… [Read More]

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Ready or Not Here Come Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have been the talk of the automotive industry for the past few years. Experts from around the world have speculated when level 5, or fully autonomous, vehicles will be widely available for consumer purchase, but predictions are constantly changing. In 2016, then-U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said fully self-driving cars would be accessible… [Read More]

Vehicles for Every Lifestyle
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Vehicles for Every Lifestyle

A simple Google search for vehicles yields hundreds of articles telling you the best vehicles to buy. This has been the case for the past decade, but what has changed in recent years in these articles is the emphasis on lifestyle. Cars first became widely available in the early 1900s, changing the way people lived… [Read More]

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Automotive Manufacturing: The Jobs of the Future

The auto industry is not the same as it was 20, 10 or even five years ago. With AI, augmented reality, autonomous and electric vehicles changing the way we look at transportation. Innovation and creating the next big trend in consumer demand are what drives production. It’s safe to say this is one of the… [Read More]


Auto Industry Leads Worldwide Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability has been a major topic of conversation in many industries for the past few years. Yet unlike other industries, automotive companies have moved past conversation to act. A recent study by the Capgemini Research Institute — “The Automotive Industry in the Era of Sustainability” — surveyed 500 large automotive organizations and 300 experts, regulators,… [Read More]

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JVIS Products Elevate Award-winning Vehicles

For decades, JVIS has worked with leading automotive companies to create innovative, outside-the-box components for their award-winning vehicles. We offer everything from design, manufacturing and engineering to tooling, assembly and sequencing for interiors, exteriors, electronics, lighting and more in nine countries globally. Because JVIS is fully integrated, we can push boundaries to develop things that… [Read More]


Adventure Vehicle Audio Reimagined

For years, adventurers looked for specific elements in their vehicle: durability, performance, storage and power. They needed a strong vehicle that could take them from smooth highways to unexplored terrains in the mountains. Today, adventurers need more than just a ride — they need an experience. Being able to take the durability, performance, storage and… [Read More]


Partnerships Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Production

Autonomous vehicles have consumed the tech news cycle over the past few years as more than 40 leading auto companies, startups and original equipment manufacturers have worked to produce and design the world’s first fully self-driving vehicles, according to CB Insights. As lifestyles across the globe continue to modernize, the demand for vehicles that give… [Read More]


If You Can Dream it, JVIS Can Mold It

The latest injection molding technologies at JVIS are only limited by your imagination. Because we are a vertically integrated supplier, JVIS provides injection molding in-house and can offer high-quality, high volume, low-cost and geometrically complex components to suit any need. The injection molding manufacturing process can fabricate plastic products of all shapes and sizes because… [Read More]


JVIS is Developing Revolutionary Touch-Zone Electric Car Heating Components

The automotive industry is increasing the time, attention and resources put into supplying electric vehicles that meet the environmental desires and performance demands of consumers. JVIS is staying on the cutting edge of those changing needs and expectations through the development of new heating technology. The technology is ideally suited for the electric vehicles, addressing… [Read More]