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Surging Ahead: Electric Cars & Vehicle Charging Stations

Fuel prices, the supply chain and climate change are all top-of-mind issues for consumers and business leaders alike. They are also contributing to the skyrocketing interest and demand in electric vehicles. While the origins of electric cars date back to the 1800s, EVs as we know them today only recently burst on the scene in… [Read More]

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Vertically Integrated Supplier from Concept to Consumer

Auto manufacturers are visionaries. They must predict and create consumer demand years before a vehicle hits the market. One of the most important yet challenging tasks for auto companies is finding a supplier they can trust to bring their vision to life — or in some cases, help them think bigger and imagine an even… [Read More]

Vehicles for Every Lifestyle
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Vehicles for Every Lifestyle

A simple Google search for vehicles yields hundreds of articles telling you the best vehicles to buy. This has been the case for the past decade, but what has changed in recent years in these articles is the emphasis on lifestyle. Cars first became widely available in the early 1900s, changing the way people lived… [Read More]

Grand Cherokee Interior Console
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JVIS Products Elevate Award-winning Vehicles

For decades, JVIS has worked with leading automotive companies to create innovative, outside-the-box components for their award-winning vehicles. We offer everything from design, manufacturing and engineering to tooling, assembly and sequencing for interiors, exteriors, electronics, lighting and more in nine countries globally. Because JVIS is fully integrated, we can push boundaries to develop things that… [Read More]

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Make Way for Electric Cars & Vehicle Charging Stations

In early July, a leading California based electric vehicle manufacturer rolled more than 5,000 cars off their assembly line in a single week, proving that they can mass-produce their signature electric cars. This threshold crossed is one of many in recent memory for the exciting and disruptive electric vehicle industry, and innovations in the field… [Read More]


How Long Does It Take Automakers to Build a Car?

Anyone who works in the automotive field knows how long it takes to build a car. But even to experts, a new car can sometimes seem like magic – no flaws, great gadgets, faultless handling. Have you ever wondered how much work it actually takes to build a car and make that magic happen? An… [Read More]

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Ask the Experts: Optics & Light Technology in Cars, More

Optics is the science of light properties and behavior. Put simply, it’s the study of how light interacts with different materials and how color appears to the human eye. The top lighting experts at JVIS have spent their careers developing new optics applications for the automotive industry and beyond. Find out the fascinating ways they’re… [Read More]

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JVIS USA to supply 3 Chrysler Group vehicles with wireless charging system for electronics

By Dustin Walsh, Crain’s Detroit Business Sterling Heights‑based Jvis USA LLC will supply its in‑vehicle wireless charging for consumer electronics to three Chrysler Group LLC models as part of the automaker’s Mopar division. The 2013 Dodge Dart will be the first vehicle to offer Jvis’ station. The two other vehicles have not been announced. The in‑vehicle charging station… [Read More]