Lighting Technology

Let your ideas shine through

Direct projected light. Ambient lighting accents. Illuminated trim. We implement many types of lighting technologies to control, shape and project light how a customer desires. To take your products to the next level, our JVIS lighting experts combine a variety of lenses and optical systems with the latest emerging technologies in design and lighting manufacturing. This includes LEDs, which are small and easy to control electronically, and enable us to add light to every area of a product.

Expertise that keeps your projects in the spotlight.

At JVIS, we know lighting is key to any design. That’s why we have an entire team of lighting, electronics and mechanical design experts who have pioneered a variety of technologies for our customers. As a full-service provider, we have the in-house capabilities to conceptualize, render, design, engineer, build and verify your illuminated products.

Our lighting capabilities enable us to maximize light output, thermally control the board, and create customized lighting colors to match the exact hue that the customer wants.

Simulation Tools

We have simulation tools that predict where the light will go and what level of intensity we can expect from the lighting module — we can then build prototype parts and correlate the predicted output with actual parts before production tools are started.

Light-Shaping Diffusers

Our light-shaping diffusers can bend, blend and reshape light to distribute it exactly where it needs to be — these light-diffusing optics can not only create many unique appearances, but they also help direct light to smooth out hot spots typical of LED-based designs.

Lighting Solutions

Our team of experts stays on the forefront of the latest technology trends to always deliver the most cutting-edge products to our customers. Whether you need to enhance an existing product or are looking for something entirely new, our JVIS technology experts can help make it happen. To learn more about our lighting technologies, click on a product below.

Make your lighting stand out with help from the lighting experts at JVIS.


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