Audio Technology

Customized Sound Solutions

Grilles that add sleek style to a vehicle interior. Speakers that transcend typical car audio. JVIS has utilized cutting-edge technology in sound system components to help our customers achieve both. From our processes that create unique patterns on the grilles and the best speaker enclosures on the market, to the technology we’ve mastered to deliver top-of-line sound — you can count on JVIS to develop audio solutions that will make your customers stand up and listen.

Advanced Audio Solutions by Bolden®

Bolden® was formed under JVIS to imagine, design and produce components that transform adventure vehicles from just transportation to an experience. We build and customize sturdy, convenient and versatile adventure-ready options that modern-day travelers want in their vehicles including superior audio solutions.

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Sounds too good to be true – but it’s not.

OEMs are always looking for new ways to enhance vehicles for their customers. Innovative ideas that make their vehicles stand out from others on the road. JVIS has developed a variety of processes that enhance both the sound and style of audio systems so drivers can:

Wireless Speakers

Enjoy the world’s best sounding automotive audio system incorporating audio enclosures with wireless speakers that can be undocked out of a vehicle and listened to anywhere.

Automotive Adaptive EQ

Experience high-end audio sound with Automotive Adaptive EQ. This unique technology enables drivers to quickly customize a vehicle’s audio system to their specific listening preference.

Custom Speaker Grilles

Drive in style with JVIS customized speaker grilles. Our experts combine innovative tooling technology and our design capabilities with unique materials, pattern options and finishes.

Bring your sound system into the future with the team of experts at JVIS.


Other Technologies