Engineering a Plan

Gone are the days of sourcing a product to a supplier that only has one unique capability. At JVIS, our multifaceted engineering team can do it all. From electrical engineering and lighting, to mechanical engineering and kinematic — our cross-functional product engineering capabilities allow us to not only go deep into a unique function, but also stretch across various engineering disciplines.

identilock rapid prototyping

Come to us with a concept, and our team of engineers will make it a reality.

Product engineering services are at the core of getting any product to market. That’s why we’re proud to have an expert staff and the tools necessary to quickly complete any engineering function for every challenge presented to us. From our extensive catalog of lessons learned and best practices, to the latest engineering software, we have the tools to bring your product to market quickly.
To help us ensure you are getting exactly what you want, when you want it, JVIS offers complete concept-to-consumer capabilities. That means our team can design, simulate and engineer a product before ever producing a physical part.

Some of the predictive tools in the JVIS engineering toolbox include:
Lighting simulation
HVAC/outlet fluid flow analysis
Metal forming analysis
Dynamic simulation

Our team of engineers are always prepared to exceed your expectations.