Smart, Innovative Industrial Design Solutions

At JVIS, we don’t settle for anything but the best. That’s especially true when it comes to designing world-class products for our customers. With a talented team of experts in industrial design, graphic design and product design — our Design Studio helps our customers turn ideas into tangible, functional, beautiful products.

Our Design Studio Can Get It Done

Whether our customers come to us with a sketch to start with, or a concept that requires an entirely new design, our Design Studio can get it done. And we know that a part can’t just look great…it has to work. That’s why our diverse team approaches design from every perspective — creatively connecting form and function, ergonomics, style, materials and manufacturing. A big part of this is working hand-in-hand with our engineering team. As a vertically integrated company, our designers and engineers work side-by-side throughout the entire development process, ensuring the final designs meet every specification and can actually be produced. This teamwork under one roof ensures your designs are correct from the start, and can be produced faster and more efficiently.

Our designers are involved from very beginning.

They start by researching current lifestyle and product trends to ensure you are getting the most innovative design. And then, using the latest technologies and most current software — our team can provide a variety of design options, including:

  • Sketching/conceptualizing the idea
  • Creating renderings
  • Selecting the right materials, processes and colors
  • Enhancing each design with graphic styling
  • Integrating technology-based solutions
  • Validating designs with rheological simulations
  • Creating a variety of product packaging options

We can build your product…and build your brand.

At JVIS, our Design Studio offers far-reaching capabilities that enable us to go far beyond just product design. From product photography or packaging design to a full range of marketing materials and product displays — we provide custom solutions that can help our B2B and B2C customers promote any product or brand. This could be as they develop a new product with an existing brand, or create an entirely new brand from the ground up.

See how we helped one of our customers turn their idea into a consumer product with complete marketing support that has led their product to be sold nationwide.

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Our team of design experts are always prepared to exceed your expectations.