Coverage That Elevates Any Product

Elevate the look, feel and performance of any surface with JVIS Flocking technology. Flocking is the application of fine fiber particles to adhesive coated surfaces. The result? A plush, velvety surface that enhances any glove box, center console, armrest, sunroof and more.

Flocking Can

  • Eliminate noise, absorb light and sound, and improve functionality
  • Reduce friction and water absorption, provide heat insulation
  • Add decorative and visual appeal; can be dyed to match any color

While it is frequently used in the automotive industry, Flocking can also be used in a variety of other applications. From consumer retail products like apparel and toys or high-tech electronics and computer parts to global industries such as aerospace, marine, military or recreational.


Technology UsedDecorative

Our wide array of finishing technologies and processes allow for customized design executions for both vehicle interiors and exteriors.

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Technology UsedMolding, Painting & Assembly

We use our expertise in various molding, painting and assembly technologies to determine the best application to always deliver the highest quality product.

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If you would like to elevate your product with flocking, our JVIS experts have you covered.


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