Metallic Technology

The perfect form and function

JVIS offers a variety of metal components for both decorative and functional use. Utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology, we’ve developed processes that help metallic products look great and function smoothly. Whether you want to differentiate your brand by incorporating your logo, customizing a color or more – our JVIS metallic experts can help make it happen.

Metal made your way.

At JVIS, we design, develop, validate and produce metallic products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether it’s creating a decorative piece that has the perfect form or developing something that functions flawlessly, our metallic masters can get it done. We utilize many standard processes, as well as the latest technologies that can take your metallic projects to the next level.

Component customization can be easily changed throughout the life of the program. In addition, we’ll streamline your process with our engineering and tooling expertise. And through analysis, our JVIS experts are able to perform feasibility on metal components so that issues are identified before production even begins.

Manufacturing and Decorating Processes

Our manufacturing and decorating processes, including those for speaker enclosures, speaker grilles and sill plates, offer customization using just one common form factor for the component.

Chemically Etched Metal and Expanded Metal Processes

Our chemically etched metal and expanded metal processes can achieve localized hole patterns and logos on multiple metal components without requiring variations of forming tools.

Metallic Solutions

Our team of experts stays on the forefront of the latest technology trends to always deliver the most cutting-edge products to our customers. Whether you need to enhance an existing product or are looking for something entirely new, our JVIS technology experts can help make it happen. To learn more about our metallic technologies, click on a product below.

Be it decorative or functional, the JVIS team is ready to exceed your expectations for any metallic project.


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