Product Assembly Brings it all Together

Providing fast, flexible service means being there wherever, whenever. And often times, that means setting up assembly sites right next to our customers. By leveraging our vertically integrated solutions and global reach, we can provide the most optimal integrated manufacturing and assembly solutions for your business. That can save you time and money, while allowing us to maximize the capacity of our assembly facilities.

At JVIS, the product assembly process begins before a part is ever touched.

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the most efficient process, while also adhering to our high quality standards. This includes our verification process, which enables us to continually verify your products to ensure they meet your exact specifications. Combine this all with the craftsmanship and expertise of our dedicated employees who take pride in completing every project, and we can deliver components and assemblies from global locations just in time.

Our team of assembly experts are always prepared to exceed your expectations.