Wireless Power Box

Keep Tools Charged on the Road

With the Wireless Power Box, our JVIS experts have created another industry first — an in-vehicle wireless charging system. This innovative new product helps you avoid downtime by letting you wirelessly charge multiple power tools or electronics while on the job.


The perfect working companion to help you always stay powered up on the road, the Wireless Power Box is portable and safe and lets you:

  • Simultaneously charge up to 4 power tools in your truck’s toolbox
  • Charge high-power and low-power tools on one pad
  • Charge tools vertically, so there’s no slide or glide while the vehicle is moving
  • Stay connected by charging smartphones and tablets on the same pad

Offering the same efficiency as an outlet at your home, with the portable convenience and versatility of being able to charge anytime/anywhere — the Wireless Power Box ensures your tools are always powered up and ready to go.


Technology UsedElectrical

From switches to sensors, we utilize our innovative technology to develop integrated electronic solutions that meet our customers’ exact specifications.

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