Plastic Latching Systems

Swift and Secure Closure

We currently offer a variety of plastic latching systems to the automotive industry.


Designed to meet all customer needs, including vehicle impact and customer haptic/tactile requirements, these systems are:

  • Utilized throughout vehicle interiors, including on instrument panels, glove box doors and overhead consoles
  • Developed using computer-aided kinematic design to ensure proper engagement while optimizing functional efforts
  • Designed to minimize noise while providing a robust, quality feel


Technology UsedKinematics

Our kinematics solutions take the way products look, feel and move to a whole new level with quality and design that exceed customer expectations.

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Technology UsedMetallic

From chemical etching to metal formation, we’ve developed technologies to create metal components for both decorative and functional use.

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At JVIS, our experts design, develop, validate and produce interior Plastic Latching Systems that exceed customer expectations.


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