LIN Controlled Lighting Systems

Light and Color Align

JVIS has developed the next generation of lighting technology for control of LEDs (light–emitting diodes) in automotive applications. Our experts utilize a standard LIN protocol for color and intensity matching of RGB LEDs.


This application will help your product stand out from all others.

  • Precise color and intensity matching
  • Incorporates the latest LIN protocol
  • Low-cost system solution


Technology UsedLighting

Utilizing the latest LED technology, JVIS has engineered unique lighting components for every area of a vehicle, as well as for a variety of commercial and consumer products.

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Technology UsedElectrical

From switches to sensors, we utilize our innovative technology to develop integrated electronic solutions that meet our customers’ exact specifications.

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If you need precision lighting, let our JVIS team enlighten you with our industry-leading solutions.


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