Lighted Diffusing Technology

A Bright and Bendable Beam of Light

The perfect lighting is key to any comfortable experience in a vehicle.. At JVIS, our light-shaping diffusers do incredible things to light — from bending and blending to reshaping it to distribute light exactly where it needs to be. These light-diffusing optics can not only create many unique appearances but also help direct light to smooth out hot spots typical of LED-based designs.


With our light diffusing technology, we can manipulate the shape of an angular beam of light to create a homogeneous pattern with over 90% light transmission efficiency. Other things that make our technology unique include:

  • Full angle library to meet any application (0.2” – 100” circular/elliptical)
  • Seamless and undetectable joints
  • Larger applications for 60” wide and 2,500 ft long


Technology UsedLighting

Utilizing the latest LED technology, JVIS has engineered unique lighting components for every area of a vehicle, as well as for a variety of commercial and consumer products.

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Technology UsedElectrical

From switches to sensors, we utilize our innovative technology to develop integrated electronic solutions that meet our customers’ exact specifications.

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Let JVIS help you create incredible lighting effects and eliminate LED hot spots. We can take your vehicle lighting to a whole new level.


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