Illuminated Fabric and Leather

Shining a Light on Upholstery

Thinking, styling and using light differently can yield spectacular results. A great example of this is our Illuminated Fabric and Leather. Integrating flat-illumination technologies into fabric and leather, this new JVIS innovation can be used extensively throughout a vehicle.


  • Further supports ambient illumination needs of the OEM
  • Our flat, flexible lighting can showcase an LED color, as well as in-woven designs that are illuminated
  • For the first time, vehicle designers can illuminate their unique design themes tastefully throughout the entire interior.


Technology UsedLighting

Utilizing the latest LED technology, JVIS has engineered unique lighting components for every area of a vehicle, as well as a variety of commercial and consumer products.

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Technology UsedElectrical

From switches to sensors, we utilize our innovative technology to develop integrated electronic solutions that meet our customers’ exact specifications.

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Our experts deliver OEMs cutting-edge technology that can greatly differentiate interior designs.


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