Illuminated Chrome Trim

A Bright Accent for Any Interior

The number one global design trend emerging with OEMs is combining LED illumination and chrome trim.


At JVIS, we helped create this trend by offering designs that utilize Illuminated Chrome Trim.

  • We call this “Chameleon Lighting” — chrome by day, soft illumination at night
  • Our lighting designers and engineers perfected the delicate art of making chrome semi-transparent and combining it with efficient, yet robust, light transmission


Technology UsedLighting

Utilizing the latest LED technology, JVIS has engineered unique lighting components for every area of a vehicle, as well as a variety of commercial and consumer products.

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Technology UsedElectrical

From switches to sensors, we utilize our innovative technology to develop integrated electronic solutions that meet our customers’ exact specifications.

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Let us illuminate your chrome trim, today.


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