Dockable Audio Systems

A Sound Investment

Whether it’s a favorite song or the latest news — drivers can now enjoy high–quality audio inside or outside of their car with the world’s first dockable wireless speaker from JVIS’s sound system manufacturing team and Braven® Audio.


  • Rugged waterproof speaker can be undocked from vehicle and brought to the beach, campground or soccer game
  • Exclusive Automotive Adapt EQ technology allows customers to re-tune the vehicles audio system to deliver custom high-end sound
  • Incorporated with JVIS state-of-the-art sound system components and audio speaker enclosures for better audio performance and the highest quality sound


Technology UsedAudio

Our award-winning audio products deliver customized speaker styling and the best audio sound on the road.

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metal speaker grilles

If you’re looking for a sound design solution for inside and outside the vehicle, look no further. Our JVIS and Braven® Dockable Audio Systems are for you.


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