Audio Sound Enclosures

Sound System Parts to Expand Your Options

As OEM’s continue to strive for superior audio performance, the demand for highly engineered audio speaker enclosures continues to grow. In response to this increased demand, JVIS has utilized our design and engineering expertise to become a leading supplier of Audio Sound Enclosures.


Some key attributes associated with our innovative Audio Sound Enclosures include:

  • Superior audio performance achieved through multiple leak-proof chambers in one unique assembly
  • Industry-leading joining technology, which allows for enhanced part appearance versus traditional manufacturing methods
  • Full system integration of functional components (electrical, lighting, etc.)
  • Complete FEA/CAE capabilities to ensure all safety standards are met


Technology UsedMolding, Painting & Assembly

We use our expertise in various molding, painting and assembly technologies to determine the best application to always deliver the highest quality product.

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Technology UsedAudio

Our award-winning audio products deliver customized speaker styling and the best audio sound on the road.

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At JVIS, we design, develop, validate and produce Audio Sound Enclosures that exceed customer expectations.


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