In past model years, the Wrangler was deemed one of the Jeep® vehicles most in need of an audio upgrade. The speakers were enclosed in an unappealing enclosure and delivered below average sound quality. FCA knew Jeep® drivers demanded more and that this had to change. They contacted an industry-leading audio manufacturer for help. And while the audio company knew how to build speakers, they needed assistance to make them operate at peak performance in the Jeep® Wrangler. They knew the JVIS team could make it happen by designing an enclosure that was both aesthetically pleasing and high performing.

The JVIS Solution

The Results

From the bottom to the top.

Using their innovative thinking and vertically integrated expertise, the JVIS team delivered a sound enclosure solution that helped the Wrangler become one of the best performing vehicles in the Jeep® fleet. This sound bar enclosure delivered a much-improved audio experience for Wrangler drivers, both in appearance and audio performance.

Nearly one million JVIS acoustic assemblies have been produced for satisfied Jeep® Wranglers owners. As a result of this success, JVIS is now recognized within various industries as a key acoustic integration partner.

The JVIS solution received an OEM innovation award, and provided the customer with:

Superior Acoustic Performance

A superior acoustic performance achieved through multiple leak-proof chambers in one unique assembly

Industry-Leading Joining Technology

An industry-leading joining technology, which allows for enhanced part appearance versus traditional manufacturing methods

Improved Aesthetics

An injection molding design that drastically improved aesthetics.

Full System Integration

Full system integration of functional components (electrical, lighting, etc.)

Safety Standards

A system that met all safety standards

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