The debate about guns and gun safety is nothing new. From the right to own a gun to accidental shootings, it’s a heated topic for people every day. And for one man, he knew here had to be a way to bring calm to the issue. A father, a gun owner, and the survivor of a life-threatening gunshot wound — Omer Kiyani definitely saw the value of having a gun in the home for protection. But he also realized gun ownership needed to be safer. Using his engineering experience and knowledge of guns, Omer developed IDENTILOCK™ — a fingerprint-based trigger lock that completely covers and prevents access to the trigger until activated by a fingerprint, allowing immediate access to firearm. Omer knew this revolutionary idea could prevent gun-related accidents, but he realized he could not do it alone. He needed a partner to help him bring the product to market.

The JVIS Solution

The Results

JVIS Delivers the World’s First Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock

Omer brought his idea for the safest and fastest biometric fingerprint gun lock to the team at JVIS. They applied their vast expertise in everything from product design and electrical engineering to manufacturing. The result? The world’s most advanced gun lock device that blends speed, usability and practicality with unmatched safety and security. Well-received by gun owners across the country, IDENTILOCK is now being sold online at, and through Cabela’s at both their retail locations and website.

*IDENTILOCK should only be used on an unloaded firearm in order to avoid accidental discharge. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, including when you are installing or removing IDENTILOCK.

JVIS experts provided support for IDENTILOCK in several ways:

Cutting-Edge Technology

JVIS electrical engineers incorporated a cutting-edge fingerprint scanner technology that releases the trigger in .3 seconds — making INDENTILOCK the safest and fastest high-security biometric fingerprint trigger lock system in the world

Ultra-Tough Construction

JVIS designers guided the material selection used to maximize quality, and ensure IDENTILOCK has an ultra-tough construction that can withstand extreme conditions

High Security

JVIS incorporated a high security built-in secondary backup override system that unlocks with a key in the manufacturing process

User-Friendly and Ergonomic

JVIS industrial designers enhanced the look and feel of the product and created a user-friendly, ergonomic device

Retail Distribution

JVIS prepared IDENTILOCK for retail distribution by working with Omer to create on-brand packaging solutions and marketing support

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From concept to consumer, we are JVIS.


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