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To all of our JVIS Employees, Customers, and Suppliers, As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, our focus remains on keeping the health and safety of our employees our top priority. With that in mind, our Operations, Human Resources, Health and Safety, and Communications teams, worked together to develop a protocol guide, that… [Read More]

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Our Response to COVID-19

To all of our customers, suppliers, and employees, COVID-19 continues to impact us all in unprecedented ways. As you are aware, the Governor of Michigan issued a Stay at Home order beginning midnight March 24, 2020. Therefore, on March 23, for the health of our staff, their families and our community, we have suspended operations… [Read More]


Streamlining Design, Manufacturing Through Vertical Integration

JVIS has built a reputation on an unwavering commitment to quality. That has never been a question. However, while the company’s name has become synonymous with excellence in the global supply chain, it’s the all-encompassing vertical integration that JVIS embraces that truly gives customers of the supplier an edge. “Vertical integration is about time and… [Read More]


JVIS Employees Give Time, Effort to Community Causes

The JVIS team is a culture of giving back to the community. That’s a value important to the people who work at JVIS who are committed to giving back to communities. It’s a value that is shared and encouraged by JVIS, who believes in fostering a culture of corporate social responsibility across their organization. The… [Read More]


Decoding the Acronyms of Manufacturing

Definitions of common abbreviations used in product development Sometimes acronyms used in the manufacturing process can be difficult to understand, let alone translate into words. Take the term Start of Production, or SOP, for example. It could stand for Standard Operating Procedure, Sales and Operation Planning, Statement of Principles or Statement of Purpose. JVIS aims… [Read More]


JVIS Offers Custom Decorating Processes Making Products Stand Out

Make your vehicle as unique as you are. There’s no need to settle for the usual when JVIS can enhance your vehicle or product with custom decorative processes. We specialize in interior and exterior decoration techniques such as: Metallic coatings Illuminated sill plates Integrated center stacks Metal speaker grilles Neo-wood finishes Flocking. Among the customization… [Read More]


Three Ways to ‘WOW’ Your Clients

Everyone knows the old saying regarding the importance of first impressions. That adage is even more important when meeting clients for the very first time. JVIS understands the need to have a “wow factor” for new customers. At JVIS, we have developed three remarkable elements that can leave your clients spellbound from the moment they… [Read More]

electric vehicle charging station
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Make Way for Electric Cars & Vehicle Charging Stations

In early July, a leading California based electric vehicle manufacturer rolled more than 5,000 cars off their assembly line in a single week, proving that they can mass-produce their signature electric cars. This threshold crossed is one of many in recent memory for the exciting and disruptive electric vehicle industry, and innovations in the field… [Read More]

Wireless Charging

Ask the Experts: Wireless Charging Technology and Its Future

JVIS was the first to introduce wireless charging technology in cars when we implemented a charging pad in the 2012 Dodge Dart. Our application of wireless charging became an industry standard. Today, JVIS utilizes wireless charging standards in the Apple-preferred Qi technology and Samsung’s Fast Charge, creating innovative ways to bring wireless charging to the… [Read More]