JEM™ by JVIS: A Masterclass in Color and Innovation

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In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the aesthetics of metallic and plastic parts are crucial for overall product appeal and success. At JVIS, we take pride in offering innovative solutions for creating decorative coatings that not only meet customer expectations but also exceed industry standards. This commitment to go beyond leads our team to develop a range of advanced processes that allow us to master nearly any color, including OEM-approved finishes. 

JEM™ technology (JVIS Engineered Metallics) exemplifies our drive to continuously push the boundaries of innovation. This advanced solution brings OEM-approved tint over chrome to the market, seamlessly blending aesthetics with efficiency. With JEM™, our established leadership in innovation grows as we adeptly apply high-quality chrome color, creating affordable products that enhance sophistication without compromising on quality or cost-effectiveness. 

Revolutionizing Chrome Finishes with Sustainability in Mind 

Embedded in our JEM™ technology is our commitment to utilizing sustainable materials and practices. At JVIS, we efficiently apply high-quality chrome color to produce affordable products incorporating Trivalent chromium for decorative chrome components. This not only minimizes the environmental impact, but it also enhances the visual appeal of the finished product.  

Electroplated Components with Custom Finishes 

One of the hallmarks of JVIS’ expertise lies in electroplated components with different finishes achieved through chemical variation and topcoat application. This process enables our team to provide a diverse array of colors, catering to the unique preferences and specifications of our clients. Whether it’s a sleek matte finish or a vibrant metallic sheen, our electroplating capabilities ensure the finished product exceeds expectations. 

Validation Through Stringent Durability Testing 

At JVIS, we know achieving aesthetic excellence and ensuring longevity and durability of our coatings go hand in hand. That’s why our chrome technology, including the revolutionary JEM™ process, undergo rigorous durability testing to validate its performance under various conditions. As a result, we produce a chrome finish that not only looks beautiful but also stands the test of time, maintaining its luster and appeal even in demanding environments. 

JVIS delivers quality results every time. It’s a commitment shared across our world-class team of experts who are continuously developing even more unique finishes by incorporating a combination of coating technologies, mold texturing and lighting innovations. This commitment to excellence sets JVIS apart as a leader in decorative coatings. 

When it comes to manufacturing, aesthetics and quality are intertwined; and JVIS is leading the way in advanced coating processes that connect beauty and value. From electroplated components with custom finishes to the revolutionary JEM™ technology, our commitment to innovation and quality is undeniable. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, JVIS is your go-to partner for transforming metallic and plastic parts into true works of art. 

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