JVIS partners with Macomb County to launch CoreHeat™ traffic signal heating technology pilot project

coreheat banner

As frigid temperatures hit much of the country, JVIS is excited to announce our partnership with the Macomb County Department of Roads to implement a pilot project utilizing our CoreHeat™ technology to test the mitigation of risks associated with snow-covered traffic signals during the winter months. 

Snow covered LED traffic signals — which do not generate heat like traditional incandescent lights — is an issue identified as a potential hazard during winter months by federal and state road agencies. That’s why Macomb County engaged JVIS to help identify an innovative solution to address the risk posed by accumulated snow and ice on traffic lights that can obstruct signal visibility, reduce the effectiveness of traffic signal indications and compromise road safety.  

Our JVIS team first designed the CoreHeat™ surface heating technology to revolutionize the way we experience the interior of our vehicles. With its self-regulating, energy-efficient and versatile technology, CoreHeat™ is being leveraged for the efficient and rapid melting of snow and ice on traffic signals, ensuring that signals remain visible and intersections remain operational during harsh winter conditions. 

To learn more about the CoreHeat™ pilot project in Macomb County, visit https://www.macombgov.org/departments/department-roads/news/macomb-county-department-roads-launches-pilot-project.