Driving Innovation: Accelerating the Auto Industry Forward from Concept to Consumer

Driving Innovation

Auto manufacturers are visionaries. Whether it’s the first Model-T or the newest EV, automakers not only design and build the cars of the future, but they also predict and create consumer demand years before a vehicle hits the market. 

One of the most important yet challenging tasks for auto companies is finding a supplier they can trust to bring their vision to life — or, in some cases, help them think bigger and imagine an even better vehicle. This process can include several different companies building and sourcing various components to produce a single vehicle. Without the right partner, this approach can be time consuming and costly.  

At JVIS, we offer a streamlined option for vehicle manufacturing through our vertically integrated solutions and global reach, which gives our team the flexibility to provide expertise to support any project for any brand from concept to consumer. We manage all steps of the manufacturing process in-house, from design, engineering and tooling to verification, manufacturing and assembly. 

JVIS is built to anticipate and accommodate the individual needs of each customer. Our experienced specialists provide their expertise and insight to assist with one specific function, such as product design, or provide support throughout the entire manufacturing process, recommending streamlined improvements along the way. 

JVIS’ vertically integrated solutions include the full range of services from industrial design like concepting and rapid prototyping to in-house research as well as development and fabrication. Here’s a closer look at what we do: 

Design and Engineering 

JVIS is home to world-class industrial design and engineering teams with mechanical, lighting and electrical experts. They work side-by-side throughout the entire development process to ensure final designs are achievable and meet every specification. This collaboration under one roof is how JVIS is able to turn ideas into functional, innovative products for our customers. 

“We can jump in at any part in the process to help our customers with any challenge they are facing,” said Scott McKnee, director of engineering at JVIS. “If a customer already has a design, we can help get them to the next step. If they don’t have a design, we can design it for them. We can jump in at any phase to help manage the whole project, leveraging all our resources and partnerships to get the product developed and into production.” 

Manufacturing and Assembly 

JVIS’ vertically integrated solutions means we can assist customers with everything from designing complete vehicles or parts to engineering and tooling to verification, manufacturing and assembly. 

From small components, a full assembly of an integrated center stack or console, or a full-vehicle development as an interior and exterior system supplier to many of the top brands in the automotive industry, JVIS provides the most optimal integrated manufacturing and assembly solutions for your business. This includes everything from molding and painting to innovative lighting as well as incorporating advanced, lightweight materials in the production of vehicles. 

“At JVIS, we take a comprehensive ‘art to part’ approach to product development, implementation and production,” said Darius Preisler, vice president of research and development at JVIS. “This allows us to develop products incorporating alternative and more sustainable materials that not only reduce the overall weight of a vehicle but also its fuel consumption and emissions.” 


JVIS is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution by partnering with multiple EV companies and startups. This includes high-tech charging stations and innovative battery enclosures, as well as supporting California-based Faraday Future in launching its luxury FF 91 Futurist electric vehicle. 

“We’ve assisted FF in almost every facet, from the initial product development — where we identified key product innovations for their consumers — all the way through to the actual testing and validation, in compliance with automotive standards for those components and the continuous supply of critical components used in their vehicles,” said JVIS President and CEO Jason Murar. “Advancements in the EV market armed with impressive electrical solutions, JVIS employs the latest technology, such as capacitive touch surfaces and smart panels.” 

At JVIS, our team prides itself on delivering world-class service every time. That means being ready to help our customers with whatever they need, whenever they need it.  

Our advanced technology, industry expertise and global reach are the key to turning your ideas into reality. Contact us and learn how we can provide smart solutions for your technology needs and deliver results beyond your expectations.