JVIS Helps Faraday Future Bring Ideas to Life in EV Industry

JVIS is known as a global manufacturing leader with unmatched capabilities across both design and engineering. By prioritizing innovation and leveraging its automotive expertise, JVIS is at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution by working collaboratively with companies to deliver technology and components uniquely optimized for EVs and continuously seeking out novel concepts, technologies and procedures. 

One of our proud partners is Faraday Future, a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company that recently completed its first production build vehicle, FF91 Futurist, coming off its production line. This follows its recently announced official start of production (SOP) of the all-new Ultimate Intelligent TechLuxury FF 91 Futurist Alliance. 

In an exclusive interview featured in EV Magazine, JVIS President and CEO Jason Murar discussed how the company is pioneering the EV industry while supporting Faraday Future (FF) to unveil their vehicles to the market. 

“We’ve assisted FF in almost every facet, from the initial product development — where we identified key product innovations for their consumers — all the way through to the actual testing and validation, in compliance with automotive standards for those components and the continuous supply of critical components used in their vehicles,” Murar said. “Advancements in the EV market armed with impressive electrical solutions, JVIS employs the latest technology, such as capacitive touch surfaces and smart panels. 

“In the EV market, you see a lot of change with smart panels, which are now highly integrated into both the exterior and interior of vehicles,” he added.  

JVIS is committed to leading the development of the EV industry, particularly as it plays a large part in the company’s growth.  

“Our customers see how we’re taking static panels and turning them into functional panels, giving expanded use of the vehicle,” Murar explained. “These components include sensors and software to increase the user’s experience, such as soft-close doors and ambient lighting. 

“JVIS’s continued investment in innovation and growth will enable us to make significant contributions to this dynamic field. If you are looking to turn your product ideas into reality, contact us today to learn more about how JVIS technology can help,” he said. 

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