More Than Automotive: JVIS Technology, Innovation

More than Automaotive

At JVIS, we are proud of our reputation for producing high-quality, innovative products for the automotive industry. But that’s just the beginning of our reach.  

Our expertise and innovative solutions transcend vehicle design and manufacturing to many other industries and consumer products. 

With our vertically integrated system and extensive knowledge and know-how, the JVIS team is uniquely positioned to bring ideas from concept to consumer in any industry. We offer a variety of technologies and provide in-house design, engineering, tooling, manufacturing and validation with the highest quality standards. Our team has helped bring various groundbreaking ideas to market, making us a trusted partner for companies such as MicroHeat, Paint Behind, Identilock, Zipline, Polaris, Peloton, Monarch and more. 

Here’s a quick look at some of our non-automotive innovations: 

Revolutionizing Logistics and Delivery Through Complex Drone Assembly 

One of our notable partnerships is with Zipline®, the world’s largest instant, autonomous logistics and delivery system used by businesses, governments and consumers. Founded to create the first logistics system that serves all humans equally, the company is transforming the way goods move — from powering Rwanda’s national blood delivery network and Ghana’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution to providing on-demand home delivery for e-commerce and enabling health care providers to deliver care directly to U.S. homes. 

JVIS assembles sections of the complex autonomous drones at our headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan, where our trained team follows very intricate processes with high-level craftsmanship to meet all specifications and requirements that are essential for these life-changing and life-saving devices. 

Bringing Game-Changing Electric Water Heating Technology to Lowe’s 

In 2022, we helped bring MicroHeat™ to the U.S. market and Lowe’s Home Improvement stores nationwide. The MicroHeat Series 6 Electric Tankless Water Heater offers continuous hot water on demand. This game-changing electric tankless water heater features patented technology that heats water from the inside without using heating elements, preventing scale buildup in the device. The MicroHeat Series 6 units, which are compact enough to fit under a sink and can be used for point-of-use or multi-point-use, provide faster hot water, increased energy-efficiency and eliminate concerns about scalding.  

In addition to launching MicroHeat in the United States, JVIS is currently working on adapting the next-generation technology for the automotive market to provide thermal management solutions for electric vehicles. 

Simplifying the Painting Process Through Innovative, Functional Design 

Another product the JVIS team helped bring to consumers is Paint Behind®, an interior design tool that makes it easy to paint behind hard-to-reach places. We partnered with Minneapolis-based interior designer Susie Ries to design, manufacture and market the tool. Our team created the official Paint Behind from the handle to the reusable paint pads and the unique packaging solution that features the paint tray as part of the packaging design. We discovered the most ergonomically appealing design for the handle to make paint coverage more even and used rapid prototyping/3D printing and JVIS’ advanced injection molding capabilities to manufacture Paint Behind products for global distribution. 

Manufacturing Gun Lock with Biometric Fingerprint Technology to Enhance Safety Measures in Firearms 

JVIS also helped bring safety technology to the gun lock world with Identilock®, the world’s first gun lock with biometric fingerprint technology. Our team worked with the inventor to improve the design, build working prototypes, select lightweight and durable materials to withstand extreme conditions, and incorporate cutting-edge fingerprint scanner technology that releases the trigger in 0.3 seconds. We also helped bring Identilock to market by preparing it for retail distribution with on-brand packaging solutions. 

Integrating Automotive Precision and Quality to Products in Any Industry 

At JVIS, we take pride in our ability to apply our automotive standards to non-automotive and consumer products. By leveraging our expertise in materials and manufacturing, we help our customers create innovative, cost-effective products that are ready for market.  

We are excited to continue exploring new opportunities and helping our partners bring their products to market, and we look forward to working with new companies in a variety of industries to help them create high-quality, innovative solutions and products. If you’re interested in learning more about how our automotive expertise can be applied to your products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.