Taking Technology to the Next Level

If you’re familiar with JVIS, you’ve probably heard us say we take ideas from concept to consumer. But what does that mean? What do we really do here at JVIS? To put it simply, JVIS is a global leader in the manufacturing industry that combines the latest technologies with our vertically integrated processes to develop and bring innovative ideas to life.

When you dive deeper into that description, what makes JVIS unique is that we’re more than a one-note supplier. JVIS is an idea-generator, a builder of unique products, and a partner to push your company outside of its comfort zone and into manufacturing-leading vehicles and vehicle components. In some cases, that means we’re acting as a Tier 1 supplier to OEMs; and in others, we’re working with other suppliers as a Tier 2 supplier.

Numerous companies around the globe and across a wide variety of industries have made JVIS their supplier of choice. For some, it’s the added efficiency of our global capabilities. For others, it’s the support they can’t get from other suppliers. And for even more organizations, it’s simply our ability to reduce costs while improving quality. One thing all our clients come to us for is our wide range of services and ability to build products of all types from start to finish in house. For instance, we can provide everything from an injection molded component including the tooling to a full interior with assemblies like instrument panels, center consoles with illuminated cup holders and wireless charging. And our vast array of technology is the key to making these services possible.

Technology is at the core of everything we do. We continuously stay on the forefront of industry trends and are always expanding our technology offerings to help provide the most innovative components for our customers. Perhaps one of JVIS’ biggest differentiators is our ability to fuse multiple technologies together to create groundbreaking products that don’t just meet consumer demand but drive it.

Here is a list of the main technology areas that we focus on.

Audio: From grilles that add sleek style to a vehicle interior to speakers that transcend typical car audio, JVIS uses leading technology in sound system components to help our customers achieve both. Our processes create unique patterns on the grilles and the best speaker enclosures on the market. We’ve mastered our technology to deliver top-of-line sound.

Decorative: Function and fit are a given for any component, but parts also need to look great in the vehicle. JVIS offers a wide array of finishings through our technologies to add a decorative touch throughout the interiors and exteriors of vehicles, including metallic coatings, illuminated sill plates, integrated center stacks, metal speaker grilles, neo-wood, flocking and more.

Electrical: From switches to sensors, we use our innovative technology to develop integrated electronic solutions that meet our customers’ exact specifications. Our electrical engineers have vast experience and develop products that always feature the latest in technology trends to make your products better without compromising quality, your budget or production time.

Lighting: Using the latest LED technology, JVIS has engineered unique lighting components for every area of a vehicle, as well as a variety of commercial and consumer products. We implement many types of lighting technologies to control, shape and project light how a customer desires. We take lighting to the next level.

Kinematics: Our kinematics solutions take the way products look, feel and move to a whole new level with quality and design that exceed customer expectations. Our vertically integrated process — from mechanical design, engineering and analysis to tooling, validation and manufacturing — enables us to blend our kinematics capabilities and engineering expertise to create quality products that are second to none.

Metallic:  From chemical etching to metal formation, we’ve developed technologies to create metal components for both decorative and functional use. Whether you want to differentiate your brand by incorporating your logo, customizing a color or more — our JVIS metallic experts can help make it happen.

Molding, Painting and Assembly: As an industry leader in molding solutions, our JVIS team has the experience to deliver a vast selection of decorating options with low-weight and innovative materials using technologies like injection molding, blow molding and compression molding.We use our expertise in various molding, painting and assembly technologies to determine the best application to always deliver the highest quality product.

Every great product begins as a thought — whether it’s something entirely new or an idea to improve something that already exists. However the idea came about, our JVIS technology experts are here to make it a reality with our product development technologies. We use our experience to continually develop new methods and innovative processes to meet and lead the global technology needs of customers just like you. To learn more about JVIS or our advance technology solutions, visit jvis.us.