Vertically Integrated Supplier from Concept to Consumer

Auto manufacturers are visionaries. They must predict and create consumer demand years before a vehicle hits the market. One of the most important yet challenging tasks for auto companies is finding a supplier they can trust to bring their vision to life — or in some cases, help them think bigger and imagine an even better vehicle. Historically, that would include several different companies building and sourcing various components to produce a single vehicle. But this process can be time consuming, pricey and leaves room for error. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a streamlined option for vehicle manufacturing? That’s what we do at JVIS.

JVIS has vertically integrated solutions around the globe, which gives our team the flexibility to provide local expertise to support any project for your brand from concept to consumer. At JVIS, manage all steps of the manufacturing process in-house, from design, engineering and tooling to verification, manufacturing and assembly.

JVIS is built to anticipate and accommodate the individual needs of each customer. Our experienced specialists provide their expertise and insight to assist with one specific function, such as product design, or provide support throughout the entire manufacturing process, recommending streamlined improvements along the way.

“Vertical integration is about time and cost. That’s the bottom line,” said JVIS Vice President of Business Development Mike Froude. “It makes things less costly and there are going to be fewer mistakes. Our vertical integration makes a very big difference for our customers because they realize we can get their product to market quicker and be more cost-efficient doing it.”

JVIS’ vertically integrated solutions include the full range of services from industrial design like concepting and rapid prototyping to in-house research as well as development and fabrication. Here’s a closer look at what we do across the globe.

JVIS’ Global Solutions and Services

  • Design: We use the latest technologies in product design to turn ideas into innovative designs. Whether our customers come to us with a sketch to start with, or a concept that requires an entirely new design, our Design Studio can get it done, creatively connecting form and function, ergonomics, style, materials, and manufacturing.
  • Engineering: At JVIS, our multifaceted engineering team can do it all. From electrical engineering and lighting to mechanical engineering and kinematic, our cross-functional product engineering capabilities allow us to not only go deep into a unique function, but also stretch across various engineering disciplines.
  • Validation: From the latest hardware and software or state-of-the-art testing equipment to having our engineers right on-site, we have the resources and processes to validate your products for any given specification. We’ll do this throughout the development of your product — putting your part to the test to always deliver the highest-quality product you expect.
  • Tooling: Our global tooling services mean shorter lead times and lower costs for you. JVIS’ highly experienced tooling staff uses the latest techniques and state-of-the-art processes to create the tools we need to get any job done. This includes mold flow analysis, DFM (design for manufacturability) and rapid prototyping, which can all help ensure the design iterations are minimized and your product is correct from the start.
  • Manufacturing: Our product manufacturing capabilities are at the core of each and every process. From concept through design and into tooling, our advanced vertical integration ensures that all parts are manufactured to meet or exceed your expectations. With manufacturing facilities in some of the most competitive regions around the world, JVIS has the resources to complete your project anytime, anywhere.
  • Assembly: Providing fast, flexible service means being there wherever, whenever. And oftentimes, that means setting up assembly sites right next to our customers. By leveraging our vertically integrated solutions and global reach, we can provide the most optimal integrated manufacturing and assembly solutions for your business. This includes everything from molding and painting to innovative lighting and assembly.
  • Verification: A key part in making sure we deliver exactly what you want is the verification process. At JVIS, we’ve got the equipment and state-of-the-art processes in place to not only build it right from the start, but also then continually track and monitor your production on a day-to-day basis.
  • JIT Manufacturing and Sequencing: Stay on schedule and on budget with our superior just-in-time manufacturing, delivery and sequencing capabilities. With a global presence, JVIS can sequence your products and deliver them just in time — whenever and wherever you need them. This includes components that have been manufactured and/or assembled from different facilities around the globe.

All these global solutions combine so we can offer our customers unlimited capabilities. Vertical integration is an incredible value for clients and an extra layer of quality assurance that is needed for any manufacturing process. At JVIS, our team prides itself on delivering world-class service every time. That means being ready to help our customers with whatever they need, whenever they need it. From manufacturing cost-efficient products, to delivering them anywhere in the world, JVIS is ready to help bring your vision to life. Learn more about our vertically integrated solutions and how they can save your company time, money and stress at jvis.us.