Vehicles for Every Lifestyle

Vehicles for Every Lifestyle

A simple Google search for vehicles yields hundreds of articles telling you the best vehicles to buy. This has been the case for the past decade, but what has changed in recent years in these articles is the emphasis on lifestyle.

Cars first became widely available in the early 1900s, changing the way people lived life. Families were able to get around quicker, travel more often and get outside of the home for leisure verses chore. The invention of automobiles propelled society from being a more secluded, slow-paced way of life into more of the modern, fast-paced, connected civilization we know today, according to Axle Addict. It’s safe to say vehicles turned the way we live upside down. A century later, the script has flipped. With our great technological advances and widespread connection through the internet, our lifestyles now drive the design of automobiles.

Whether it’s a parent who needs to get their kids from school to practice or a sports-car enthusiast who loves to go fast, auto manufacturers are taking the wants and needs of people into careful consideration when they design the latest vehicles. No matter what the lifestyle looks like, there’s a vehicle custom designed for everyone. Here are a few of the most popular lifestyle-vehicle types on the market today.

Family Vehicles

Lifestyle Vehicles

Family is a lifestyle that will never go out of style, which is great for auto manufacturers. We can always count on needing a line of vehicles designed with modern families in mind. Even though families are getting smaller, they are still looking for roomy vehicles. It’s probably no surprise that SUVs and minivans are some of the most popular vehicles for families. U.S. News & World Report awarded a number of these the Best Cars for Families in 2020, including the Honda Passport, Kia Telluride, Ford Expedition, Honda Odyssey, Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Additionally, some families are turning to midsize-to-large vehicles like the Toyota Camry for their ride.

Family cars typically cost an average of $21,000 and have a number of standard features including:

  • High safety ratings
  • Tons of space
  • Storage
  • Airbags throughout
  • Safety features: backup cameras, collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, etc.
  • Backseat power sources
  • Comfort
  • Power doors
  • Bluetooth and wireless capabilities
  • Remote keyless entry

Additionally, elements like touch-screen rear entertainment packages are increasingly popular in these automobiles. Kids can watch streaming services like Netflix and be entertained on long car rides.

All in all, families are looking for safety, convenience and capabilities over style and luxury. JVIS produces several of these high-tech components include integrated center stacks, rear seat tray tables and wireless charging.

Luxury Vehicles

When asked what they would buy if they had $1 million, 9 times out of 10, people say some sort of luxury vehicle. Like other luxury products, people want these vehicles for the exclusivity, quality and status. Luxury vehicles typically start around $40,000 and can exceed well over $1 million, depending on the custom features. A few of the most popular luxury vehicle brands are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, Tesla and Cadillac.

Typically, luxury cars have more high-end, custom and precision features than other vehicles. Some of the qualities that give luxury vehicles their flare and appeal include:

  • Better performance capabilities
  • Lavish interiors
  • Highest quality safety features
  • Latest technology
  • Sleek exteriors
  • Custom features

As you can tell, luxury vehicles are all about being the latest and greatest in looks, features, design and quality. People pay to have the best; and as auto manufacturers, we give it to them.

Our team at JVIS has decades of experience envisioning, designing and building custom components for luxury vehicles. Our audio, decorative, electric, kinematic, lighting, molding, painting and assembly technologies are so efficient and expansive that we have the capabilities to manufacture every component needed for a luxury vehicle.

Sports Cars

Sports cars have always been popular, but movies like the “Fast & Furious” franchise have made them a dream for everyone from little kids to older adults. According to CJ Pony Parts, men are more likely to buy luxury vehicles and sports cars because they value interior layout, exterior style and technology over affordability. Additionally, men tend to be more image conscious and let emotion influence buying when it comes to vehicles, CJ Pony Parts found.

Sports cars are built for entertainment and fun, so people who buy them usually like to unwind with car rides and leisurely activities. They can cost a person anywhere from under $20,000 to more than $1 million. They come in a wide range of designs, colors and sizes, so there’s something for all kinds of sports-car enthusiasts. Some of the most popular sports cars for 2021 are the Chevrolet Corvette, Toyota Supra, BMW Z4, Chevrolet Camaro, Audi R8 and the Ford Mustang.

Like luxury vehicles, popular sports-car brands tend to stay consistent throughout the years, but the features in the vehicles are always changing. Some of today’s top features include:

  • Dynamic performance
  • Power
  • Four-wheel steering
  • Aerogel that reduces heat as you drive
  • Headlight intake openings that add air to supercharger
  • Automatically rising spoiler
  • Amplifying sound
  • Sleek exteriors

The JVIS team creates components for various popular sports cars. Our variable temperature molding technology allows us to design and mold amazing interiors like custom seatbacks. JVIS also designs some of the best tailor-made metal speaker grills that help make every vehicle feel high-end and specific to each person’s unique lifestyle and taste.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are on the minds of every auto manufacturer in the world right now. In the past, it was a rite of passage to get a car as soon as you turn 16. Now, with ride-hailing services, advanced public transportation and an emphasis on technology, younger generations aren’t as worried about owning a car or driving as they were just a short time ago. Because of our busy, technology-driven lifestyles, autonomous vehicles are a highly anticipated option for younger generations.

In fact, with online shopping, the high demand for food delivery and the pandemic, as well as a natural technological progression, we are seeing more auto manufacturers team up to create autonomous delivery vehicles. Additionally, with the popularity and demand for ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber, companies like Amazon and Zoox are producing autonomous ride-hailing services.

As for consumer vehicles, we currently don’t have fully autonomous vehicles available for purchase. Those who are interested in using the most advance autonomous-vehicle technology available for consumers have been excited to buy a Tesla. Because Tesla’s full self-driving package costs $10,000 on top of the base cost of a Tesla, these individuals tend to be more affluent, early adopters of technology. Those who don’t want to make the large investment in the most advance autonomous vehicles like Teslas are getting a taste of autonomous vehicles with features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assistance.

Another amazing feature in partially autonomous vehicles is Super Cruise. Super Cruise is a driver assistance technology that’s been available in certain Cadillac models since 2017 and is coming to more GM cars in the future, according to Mashable. This system accelerates, brakes, changes lanes and keeps the vehicle in the lane. To the driver, it feels completely autonomous, though it’s not quite at a L5 just yet.

Additional autonomous features people are currently interested in include:

  • Automatic cruise control
  • Sign recognition
  • Automatic forward-collision braking
  • Automatic parking
  • Autopilot
  • Steering assistance

JVIS has spent the last decade getting in on the ground floor of autonomous-vehicle production. We work with top automotive manufacturers to create components for autonomous and electric vehicles. We have the industry expertise to streamline processes to improve current technology and get your new technology off the ground so you can reach even your wildest goals.

Electric Vehicles

The cultural shift toward green energy and preserving the planet among consumers over the past few decades has motivated the auto industry to create more eco-friendly, electric vehicles.

Although some would believe it’s mostly the youngest generations worried about being environmentally responsible, Gen X is actually buying the most EVs at nearly 40%, according to TrueCar data. Millennials follow Gen X at 34.9%. Finally, baby boomers are buying the greatest mix of all green vehicles, which includes electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell automobiles.

Consumers can expect to spend approximately $55,000 on an EV, Car and Driver found. In addition to eco-friendliness, the EV community is looking for:

  • Modern exteriors
  • The latest technology in the vehicles
  • Long range on a full charge
  • Short charging time

In addition to electric cars, auto manufacturers are now starting to develop a wider range of automotive styles. Rivian’s electric truck, R1T, is a great example. This vehicle starting at $67,500 with more than a 300-mile range is great for people who are environmentally conscious as well as adventure oriented. We expect to see more automotive manufacturers follow in Rivian’s footsteps and rapidly expand the types of EVs produced over the next decade. According to Greenbiz, starting in 2030, BNEF predicts that 26 million EVs will be sold annually, representing 28% of the world’s new cars sold. Additionally, major auto manufacturers like GM, Ford, Nissan and FCA all have plans to release new electric vehicles throughout the next decade and have made promises to achieve 90-100% carbon neutrality in their manufacturing plants in the next few decades (ranging from 2030-2050). We expect majority of OEMs and auto manufacturers to follow suit, including our team here at JVIS.

Adventure Vehicles

Adventure Vehicles

Now more than ever, adventurers are loud and proud about their travels and explorations. There’s nothing they love more than planning their next trip or taking off on a sporadic journey to discover something new. This community of people need their vehicle to be able to go from smooth highway roads to rocky mountain terrains to forging new paths in the woods.

Some of the most in-demand adventure vehicles brands are Jeep, Subaru, Toyota and Land Rover. Adventure vehicles typically cost around $20,000 but can range higher or lower based on the features and extras wanted. Adventurers are looking for auto manufacturers to equip their vehicles with the following:

  • Storage
  • Power
  • Audio
  • Rugged build
  • Dockable speakers
  • Spacious interior

JVIS is not just an expert in creating components for auto manufacturers, we have a whole brand called Bolden specifically devoted to researching, understanding and anticipating the wants and needs of adventurers. Bolden is comprised of a team of experts who imagine, reimage, design and build components that transform adventure vehicles from just transportation to an experience. It builds and customizes sturdy, convenient and versatile adventure-ready options that modern-day travelers want in their vehicles. To learn more about Bolden’s adventure vehicle solutions, visit Boldengear.com.

Looking to the Future

At JVIS, we manufacture custom auto components for all types of lifestyle vehicles. Our team of experts spend copious hours researching the latest trends and forecasting what’s to come. We pride ourselves in not just knowing what your customers want in a vehicle but truly understanding their lifestyle so we can predict their needs before they even know they need it. Because of this future-focused mindset, we have produced innovative auto components for award-winning lifestyle vehicles like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler and Rivian. Learn more about how we can help your company produce the next life-changing, must-have vehicle at JVIS.us.