JVIS Products Elevate Award-winning Vehicles

Grand Cherokee Interior Console

For decades, JVIS has worked with leading automotive companies to create innovative, outside-the-box components for their award-winning vehicles. We offer everything from design, manufacturing and engineering to tooling, assembly and sequencing for interiors, exteriors, electronics, lighting and more in nine countries globally.

Because JVIS is fully integrated, we can push boundaries to develop things that have never been thought of before or to improve what has been done in the past. In fact, you’ve most likely experienced a number of JVIS products in vehicles you’ve rode in — or even owned — and never knew it. The following are just a few of our thousands of auto components highlighted in the JVIS portfolio.

Acura MDX

MDX Prototype Acura

The Acura MDX is America’s all-time best-selling three-row, luxury crossover. Starting production in 2000, the vehicle was the first crossover SUV to introduce three-row seating and has been a fan-favorite ever since. Acura recently introduced the new 2021 model prototype which it describes as “radically ambitious” because of its precision-crafted features that push performance to the next level. Our expert team worked closely with Acura to design the beautiful, custom speaker grilles featured throughout the new MDX.

We know how important it is for components to not just look good but also seamlessly fit into a vehicle, whether it was manufactured in or added later. That’s just how JVIS’ speaker grilles fit.

Although a speaker grille seems like an imperceptible part of a vehicle, it is these small details that help set good vehicles apart from leading vehicles. JVIS has developed a wide variety of speaker grille options including, plastic, wrapped, expanded, punched or chemically etched. Many OEMs prefer metal speaker grilles like those found in the MDX because they accentuate vehicle interiors. JVIS has the flexibility to create a unique design while minimizing your investment. Our metal speaker grilles can be customized with a range of materials, a variety of finishes, unique grille hole patterns and your brand logo or signature design. The MDX is just one of many examples of how custom speaker grilles help tie together the upscale look of a vehicle.

Combining common tooling techniques and our design capabilities with unique materials and pattern options, we can customize speaker grilles that accent the interior for a variety of vehicle models.

Launching next spring, the new MDX will assume the role as the flagship of the Acura lineup and the most premium, performance-focused and technologically sophisticated SUV in Acura history. Car enthusiasts across the U.S. are already raving about the new design, and it’s safe to say our team is just as excited.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most recognized and awarded SUVs of all time. Having been in production for almost 30 years, Jeep is constantly looking for ways to improve and keep the vehicle on top— JVIS is proud to be a part of this process.

As a world leader in the manufacturing of interior and exterior automotive systems, we create numerous components that add to the look, functionality and desirability of the Grand Cherokee. The integrated center stack is one of the most important, popular components in vehicles of this kind.

The ICS is designed to help reduce weight; maximize performance; and improve overall fit, finish and ergonomics of the entire system. These assemblies combine radio, HVAC and vehicle feature controls into one main unit within the instrument panel as well as provide the flexibility for the operator to use either the touch screen or standard mechanical controls. Combining JVIS’ extensive electrical knowledge with our plastic and paint expertise, our experts designed these integrated center stack assemblies to support the CAN bus system in any vehicle.

Another area of the Grand Cherokee JVIS has helped modernize and customize is the center console and kinematic bin assemblies. Creating the perfect combination of form and function, JVIS has incorporated many features into this area, including damped, push-push latching systems that meet all vehicle impact and customer haptic/tactile requirements; integration of customizable lighting, which is functional and also enhances the customer’s interior perception; and multiple electrical functions such as auxiliary power, USB connectivity and the potential to integrate wireless charging. As one of the most-used areas of the Grand Cherokee — and basically any other vehicle — JVIS combines its decorative, lighting, electrical and mechanical processes to make the area look, feel and move at a whole new level with quality and design that exceed customer expectations.


Corvette Interior

Corvettes are some of the most sought-after sports cars to hit the market. The “Vette” as it is commonly known, has been in production for more than 60 years with eight design generations, according to Chevrolet’s website. Chevrolet touts that the Corvette is not just a beautiful vehicle but also functional. JVIS helps Chevrolet keep these vehicles efficient and comfortable with variable temperature molded seatbacks for select Corvette models.

Using our patented Electric Heater System to “super heat” tools during the molding process, we are able to introduce variables not available within conventional injection molding to do the following:

  • Create faster cycle times
  • Eliminate the need for coatings
  • Improve adhesion
  • Allow the use of highly filled materials for Class A parts
  • Create thinner walls
  • Reduce molded in stress
  • Reduce the number of parts
  • Allow for extremely low or high gloss
  • Reduce/eliminate knit/flow lines

VTM allows JVIS to injection mold with extreme temperatures during the molding cycle. It heats to an extremely high temperature to assist the material in flow characteristics, and then rapidly cools to ensure a short cycle. VTM lets JVIS create custom seatbacks that complement any interior and maximize rider comfort on long road trips, all within your budget. Corvette owners love the variations of seatback styles and colors and are impressed with the quality and feel of the seatbacks year after year.

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

JVIS has been working with electric and autonomous vehicles for the better part of the past decade. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to create products that fit and function in these unique vehicles.

Autonomous and electric vehicles are lightweight, and lighting, mechanics and other typical components must be manufactured in a completely new way so the vehicles can run like the driver needs without sacrificing the environmental and safety benefits expected. JVIS has worked with leading electronic and autonomous vehicle OEMs from all over the world to develop products specifically for these vehicles. Our lineup of products includes, but is not limited to, underbodies, soft trims, audio, electrical, batteries, interiors and exteriors, and decorative features.

Because electronic and self-driving vehicles are arguably the future of the automotive industry, working with partners, like JVIS, that have a special team of experts with this hyper-specific manufacturing knowledge will be vital to reaching and staying on top of the automotive industry and future trends.

JVIS puts innovation and creativity at the forefront of every design. We build components that customers want and need before they even know it. JVIS has the people, processes and global facilities that make it easy for us to quickly deliver the solutions you need whenever, wherever and however. Our flexibility, revolutionary methods and passion for the automotive industry have driven us to build components for more than a dozen award-winning vehicles in 2020 alone. To learn more about our products and processes, visit JVIS.us.