Adventure Vehicle Audio Reimagined

For years, adventurers looked for specific elements in their vehicle: durability, performance, storage and power. They needed a strong vehicle that could take them from smooth highways to unexplored terrains in the mountains. Today, adventurers need more than just a ride — they need an experience. Being able to take the durability, performance, storage and power from their vehicle into the wilderness is not just a perk, it’s what separates a good adventure vehicle from the best adventure vehicle.

Enter Bolden. Bolden was formed by JVIS to imagine, design and produce components that transform adventure vehicles from just transportation to an experience. It builds and customizes sturdy, convenient and versatile adventure-ready options that modern-day travelers want in their vehicles.

Bolden elevates vehicles with power, storage and adventure features, but what really sets it apart from other OEM’s is its unique, advanced audio solutions.

“There are adventure brands out there in the consumer electronics world; however, none of them work in the automotive and consumer electronics space like Bolden does,” said Gregg Clark, business and product development manager and one of the leaders behind Bolden. “Some make products for vehicles, but they don’t perform like Bolden products”

Led by some of the top, most experienced audio technicians, designers and innovators in the automotive space, Bolden’s design process always considers three crucial elements: the needs of adventurers, quality of audio and seamless integration into the vehicle.

Clark said the company creates out-of-the-box audio components by getting in the mind of the adventurer and bearing in mind their needs.

“We consider the person out on the trail and how what they might take with them that can integrate into the vehicle and vice versa,” Clark said. “Seamless integration is key.”

Adventurers drive their vehicle out, Clark continued, but once they get to the wilderness, the rest of the trip is on foot. It’s vital that person’s equipment can serve multiple purposes. That’s why Bolden focuses on creating things like dockable speakers that can double as a light or backup battery for a phone.

“We’re challenging ourselves to think when we’re making something: Could it serve two or three purposes, having a more existing strength?” Clark said. “We challenged ourselves to say if we have audio equipment in a car, why can’t it be removable or be another source of power or some kind of supplemental equipment for a worksite.”

Craig Cheney, director of product over Bolden, said once the company works with the client to determine what function the audio component will serve, its team focuses on creating a superior sound.

Bolden has assembled a team of some of the best audio experts in the world. They have a deep understanding of auto manufacturing, which allows them to build products that fit, look, sound and function better in vehicles than any other company out there.

“Others (audio companies) use materials that are suitable for your home or at the office but not in diverse climates and in vehicles — JVIS does,” Cheney said. “JVIS has the know-how to make products that are durable, safe and high quality.”

“The most important thing that we do is we start with a superior sound performance. Period. We’re superior in performance. We don’t just think functionality and seamlessness, like that is a really cool looking speaker and that fits in the vehicle nicely. That is secondary to the fact that it is the best you’ve ever heard anything sound before,” Clark said.

Clark said Bolden creates these sought-after features by working with the best technology suppliers available for its driver designs, speakers, software and any element that go into vehicle audio components.

Bolden is constantly looking to drive new ideas and trends in the automotive industry, Cheney added. Whether it is improving an old audio element or integrating new technologies like 3D audio into components, Bolden isn’t afraid to take risks in its products.

“We watch the market very closely to see if we can estimate what the next pattern of desirable products might be. So, for us, we’re consistently trying to invent and reinvent products with our team internally,” Cheney said. “For the Bolden brand, we’re always looking to make any type of product better. There’s always room to improve. Just because a product has been made one way for a long time — same way, same materials — doesn’t mean that it’s the right way to do it. JVIS/Bolden is determined to create better experiences through products; and if that means we change the way things are done to do that, we will.”

Cheney said Bolden also offers higher-end materials that aren’t normally seen in vehicles.

“We want to be able to reach as high as the OEM/customer might want,” he explained. “We can make some really high-end equipment for more affordable vehicles with limited budgets as well as extravagant precision equipment for big budget projects. It allows us a lot more flexibility.”

Many of the audio components Bolden/JVIS has produced have been used in award-winning adventure vehicles for nearly a decade.

Finally, after Bolden looks at function and produces an award-winning sound, the team turns to look and integration.

The Bolden team spends a lot of time listening and completely understanding the customer demographic, the space in the vehicle and its functionality, so it can produce a cosmetic design to make components sit and appear to flawlessly fit in the vehicle.

“We go to our design team and challenge them to design a seamless product that looks like it’s manufactured and belongs in the vehicle — whether it’s integrated at the factory or goes in after. It all comes down to delivering on design and quality,” Clark said.

“We do a whole presentation on the product with the OEM,” Cheney added. “It’s a very collaborative effort to go through with the OEM to meet their price target and performance targets while delivering a product that works for their consumers and fits perfectly in their vehicle.”

Bolden/JVIS has been focused on automotive audio for nearly a decade, producing audio solutions for award-winning vehicles. As the modern-day adventurer’s needs continue to change and evolve, the requirements for adventure vehicles will too. Bolden is devoted to taking on the challenge to produce the most out-of-the-box, exceptional sound, storage, adventure and power features possible for adventure vehicles for years to come. Learn more about Bolden and what’s on the horizon at boldengear.com.