If You Can Dream it, JVIS Can Mold It

The latest injection molding technologies at JVIS are only limited by your imagination. Because we are a vertically integrated supplier, JVIS provides injection molding in-house and can offer high-quality, high volume, low-cost and geometrically complex components to suit any need.

The injection molding manufacturing process can fabricate plastic products of all shapes and sizes because the flexibility of the process has significantly widened design limitations and greatly enhanced the freedom to mass produce identical low-weight quality components quickly and with little waste.

The molding manufacturing solutions at JVIS cover all the bases to craft solutions based on the demand. We have molding machines at nearly every JVIS facility and our tonnage ranges from 50 to 3,500. The on-staff experts can determine the most suitable process based on each customer’s needs and the geometry of the component. Our processes include:

  • Injection molding
  • Two-shot molding
  • Insert molding
  • Variable temperature molding
  • Blow molding
  • In-mold decorating
  • Injection-compression

JVIS ‘s engineering and production are designed to accommodate the specific needs of each customer. JVIS’s expert staff is there to provide their knowledge and experience at any step in the concept-to-consumer timeline, from recommending streamlined improvements to offering the best process to achieve top-tier outcomes. The result is a feasible and effective product from the manufacturing process and through end-user experience.

“We have a world-class in-house tooling group and engineers,” said Scott McKnee, managing director of design and engineering at JVIS. “Our DFM/DFT process ensures that part designs are made to the proper specifications and tools are built to ideal production standards. We also have in-house prototyping to ensure fit and function are approved before the tool is ever built, helping our customer save time and money. We will help to simplify geometry and minimize part count while maintaining the design integrity.”

Our team of experts stays on the forefront of the latest technology trends to always deliver the most cutting-edge products to our customers. Whether you need to enhance an existing product or are looking for something entirely new, our JVIS technology experts can help make it happen.

“We have the ability to handle whatever level of information the client brings to us, whether it is completed A surface or just dialog to their describe their desires (i.e., napkin sketch),” said McKnee. “This process would start at the studio level. Our industrial design studio will start with sketches and move into dimensional renderings for initial concept approval. Once a design is approved, it will move through our engineering team. Our teams work closely with customers to ensure all the parts from various suppliers will meet their objectives before we move into production.” 

For JVIS the DFM/DFT process is a constant throughout the development of the design.  We don’t iterate once the design is complete, this is part of our process through development.  When we submit for final design approvals from our clients the DFM/DFT process is complete and we are ready for tooling.

JVIS has a keen understanding of the relationship between the client and manufacturer through past successful collaborations. We are a full-service manufacturer with global partners, using advanced vertical integration and to help clients comprehend the process so there are no surprises or frustrating delays.

At JVIS, we always ensure that we are designing, engineering and manufacturing products that blend technology and innovation— all while balancing customer input. That’s why our engineering team is continually evaluating future technologies and trends, evaluating current best practices and cataloging lessons learned. From selecting the optimal molding and industrial coating technology to world-class assembly, JVIS has your specific need covered. 

“Because we offer a range of technologies, we are able to provide robust products that include multiple technologies,” said McKnee. “For example, we offer an illuminated door handle in which JVIS provides the lighting, electrical and mechanical componentry. As for our electroplated and painted components, since we do all of the molding in-house, we can offer solutions to our customer at a lower cost. We also offer a wide range of injection molding processes including in-mold color and variable temperature molding (VTM). VTM offers our customer the option to avoid painting, as we can offer various finishes within the same mold.”

At JVIS, we place world-class results within your reach from start to finish.