JVIS Offers Custom Decorating Processes Making Products Stand Out

Make your vehicle as unique as you are. There’s no need to settle for the usual when JVIS can enhance your vehicle or product with custom decorative processes. We specialize in interior and exterior decoration techniques such as:

  • Metallic coatings
  • Illuminated sill plates
  • Integrated center stacks
  • Metal speaker grilles
  • Neo-wood finishes
  • Flocking.

Among the customization JVIS specializes in are tinted paint layers and unique lighting assemblies, integrated with a variety of finishes and materials. We can match any color, including OEM finishes.

JVIS engineers can add your brand logo or signature design, working closely with you to minimize your investment. JVIS engineers and designers are experts in customization and strive to exceed your expectations. For example, when utilizing Neo-wood technology in customization, the finished product is a more durable than wood. This type of customization is usually reserved for luxury interiors, but JVIS offers many unique processes that are more cost effective. JVIS can customize Neo-wood with a variety of designs, colors and patterns, and its touch and appearance mirror real wood.

JVIS developed the groundbreaking and proprietary JVIS Engineered Metallics (JEM™) process, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to take customized components to the next level. The stunning luxury resulting from JEM™ technology is a cutting-edge process that is OEM-approved and validated. JEM™ not only makes components and products functional, but also lends a high-end appearance to the finished product.

JVIS is a leading expert in electroplating components with a wide variety of finishes by utilizing chemical variation and topcoat applications. Our team continues to cultivate even more stunning and unique finishes by incorporating lighting technology, coatings and mold texturing.

The metallic technology employed at JVIS can turn the mundane into the magnificent through creative customization. With our tooling and engineering expertise, your component can be streamlined in production through the use of rapid prototyping, saving you money and down time waiting for a component.  Our JVIS experts perform feasibility analyses on components to identify any issues that may occur before production begins.

Among the metal components gaining popularity are illuminated metal buttons. These elegant and luxurious elements of interior illumination are gaining popularity, and through our innovative JEM™ technology, JVIS is able to offer exceptional advantages, such as multiple color schemes, a catalogue of finishes, optional materials and custom branding. These quality elements are able to provide the luxury appearance wanted at a cost-effective investment. We’re JVIS – customization for you.