Important Things to Know Before Working With a Manufacturer – Part Two

Continuing on the process we use at JVIS to take an idea from concept to consumer, it’s time to discuss timelines and the need for both JVIS and the client to be precise.

Our earlier blog discussed the process necessary to partner with JVIS and establish a relationship that will result in production of a quality product that meets the highest standards.


Our goal is to produce the finest quality item in the shortest time period possible. By being fast and flexible, JVIS saves you headaches and money. Your priorities are our priorities. You likely have a specific date in mind for rollout of a new component, and those deadlines should be clearly stated from Day 1. It is vital that your manufacturer be on the same timeline as you are to avoid unnecessary delays in design and production.

Mike Froude, Vice President of Business Development at JVIS, says the timeline has to be realistic and fall within a reasonable production process.

FROUDE: “The timeline is usually a case of compromise. If the timeline is unrealistic or if the client actually presents a timeline that is not possible, you work with them to kind of bring it back to Earth.”

JVIS Project Manager, Robert Mathews says timelines should be simple one-pagers providing easy review for all of the stakeholders. He echoes Froude’s view that timelines must be doable.

MATHEWS: “Timelines should be realistic versus home run. Sometimes issues can impact dates in both directions, but all timelines can be simplified into a few milestones: kickoff, T0, T1, T2, SOP and JOB. JVIS can instill confidence in our customers by identifying their key milestones and overlaying them.”


Just as setting a deadline is vital to your success, so is clearly and precisely stating your expectations. And JVIS will use advanced vertical integration to bring your concept to life.

The customer expects JVIS to be the expert in developing the product. Mathews says JVIS will not move forward without knowing the production process will exceed expectations.

MATHEWS: “The design for manufacture and the design for tooling are areas the customer expects from JVIS. This can take between one and three weeks of design on a typical program before the tool design is even started. There is no value in making a tool that cannot make a part and there is no value in making a tool that cannot make a production. Reviewing designs and asking the right questions will make both customer and supplier successful. JVIS must make the concept-to-part as easy and painless as possible.”

Froude says JVIS will make suggestions that will make the part or component a better product using technology-based solutions.

FROUDE: “The last thing a client wants is a manufacturer who’s just going to make a tool the makes a part that is not feasible or cannot be assembled or doesn’t add any value to the product. Our experience in manufacturing is valued, and we will work with our customers to produce the best and most value-added component available.”


A big part of the JVIS efficiencies are the global partnerships it has formed, guaranteeing its clients a beautiful and durable component at affordable costs. Partnering with overseas companies also cuts down on delays.

MATHEWS: “Cost and timing control are the main benefits of keeping the work in house. We will work with our global partners to allow certain time gains for efficiency that will complete the project sooner than if we kept everything on a domestic basis.”

Froude says the strong relationships with global partners removes barriers that might exist for a manufacturer that is not a full-service supplier like JVIS.

FROUDE: “We have very strong and established global partnerships with facilities all over the world. It is very important for us to explain that. What that means is while you’re sleeping in the United States, an element of your product can be done and then you’ll be able to move on to the next step right away. As a full-service supplier, we have already built relationships with our partners so there is no language barrier or unnecessary delays.”

Our global team includes experts in every field from product design to product manufacturing and supply-chain management. We use the highest-quality materials and the latest technological innovations to create smart results that exceed your expectations.

With that kind of expertise beside you, we ensure every part is designed, tooled and manufactured to the exact specifications desired.

In short, we are fast, we are flexible – we are JVIS!