Three Ways to ‘WOW’ Your Clients

Everyone knows the old saying regarding the importance of first impressions. That adage is even more important when meeting clients for the very first time.

JVIS understands the need to have a “wow factor” for new customers. At JVIS, we have developed three remarkable elements that can leave your clients spellbound from the moment they approach your car.

We asked JVIS Creative Director Remon Jiddou to describe three of our products that guarantee to wow both new and existing clients.

Welcome Mat

Using specialty lights to welcome passengers to vehicles has grown dramatically in popularity, and JVIS enables you to lay out the Welcome Mat that will make a very memorable first impression. We have developed some of the best high-resolution light-projection technologies available.

Ramon: Welcome Mat today is becoming common in many luxury vehicles. Some brands project their logos on the ground. There are companies like Mini, where they are customizing the graphics to what the driver would prefer, like their name, nickname or a phrase they like. The way the car interacts with you will be more interactive in the future. Today you unlock your car and the lights flash and the horn makes a sound.

Very soon the car will make you feel more welcome as you approach it. If you own the car, it will know by the key fob in your pocket or purse. The lights will have a sequential animation and the projection on the floor will be synced with the headlight and taillight show.

LIN Technology

Another product that will put you in the driver’s seat in terms of wowing your customers is LIN technology, which goes far beyond convenience lighting to turn your interior into a customized light show that will be remembered long after the trip is over.

Ramon: People want that personalized experience and customizing the color of lights in your vehicle can give you a sense of luxury, even if it’s not in a luxury car. This feature is found in many mid-level vehicles and can be tailored to each individual driver. When a couple is sharing a car, the key fob would recognize the driver and set the lighting environment to that driver’s desired colors. 

In the future, these systems would be intelligent enough to change the colors in the cabin to calm the driver if they are stressed or alert the driver if they are falling asleep. These systems are also going to be useful when autonomous vehicles are introduced. The possibilities are endless with the different moods the occupants want to create, since they will not be driving. It will be more like riding in a limo – you can relax, watch a movie, read a book or sleep on your trip. All these scenarios have unique lighting settings.

Dockable speakers

We’ve partnered to develop the world’s first dockable wireless Bluetooth speakers for vehicles. Not only do they have superior sound, they can be an extension of those with active lifestyles who want to take their sounds beyond the interior of their cars.

If you are taking your client to the big game or a beach bonfire, you can wow them with this remarkable new technology.

Ramon: I think the convenience is being able to remove the speaker and take it with you to the beach or picnic. It also works for tailgating and bonfire gathering. It’s one less thing you have to pack, because it’s always there in your car. It goes wherever you go.

Our JVIS teams will continue to develop the most technologically advanced products for your car, so your clients will be astounded by all the bells and whistles you have waiting for them. We are fast, we are flexible, we are JVIS!