Important Things to Know Before Working with a Manufacturer – Part One

JVIS works with clients to take an idea from concept to consumer. While it’s exciting to see a new product take shape and become a reality, working with a manufacturer is a unique process and can create unique challenges.

JVIS has a keen understanding of the relationship between the client and manufacturer through past successful collaborations. We are a full-service manufacturer with global partners, using advanced vertical integration to help clients comprehend the process so there are no surprises or frustrating delays.


To JVIS, you are not just another client. We work hard to build a relationship with each one of our manufacturing partners to bring functional and durable products to market.

JVIS Project Manager Robert Mathews says a client should have a good understanding of the concept they want to bring to market with the finished item.

MATHEWS: “Clients should know the objective and the application for their finished goods, because that’s really probably what they’re an expert on, and JVIS is an expert on is making sure that risks are mitigated.”

The concept in place, designers and engineers help guide clients with material selection, part design and tool design to make a quality product set to the highest standards.

Mike Froude, Vice President of Business Development at JVIS, says the full-service aspect that JVIS brings to the table is critical in making the production process work.

FROUDE: “Our technology sets us apart. Most of our competitors are one dimensional. JVIS can do it all by our integration process, resulting in a quality product.”

A prototype is not necessary in the early stages of development.

MATHEWS: “JVIS can help guide the process and recommended the best materials and coatings once the concept is clearly presented. Prototypes are only recommended when designs are 95 percent complete.”

A customer who wants to have a part manufactured should approach JVIS with a phone call or email. That will be followed with an initial meeting by the JVIS Team.

MATHEWS: “The first meeting can either be at the JVIS headquarters or at the customer’s location. This meeting is a two-way street where information can travel in its most simple form. It should be quick with introductions and be at a high level with no commitment. JVIS demonstrated to each customer that they are in good hands and in the right place by the confidence we bring to the table. It is best to end this meeting and allow some thought or decision-making on supplier selection. Details about the production process will follow.”

JVIS stresses its capabilities to manufacture quality parts and components and tailors the first meeting to the client’s needs.

MATHEWS: “JVIS wants to show our customers our success in the form of company presentations, demonstrating our capabilities, successes, global footprint, customer base. … We strive to make these presentations focus on the specific business segment that the customer is in to review.”

After the initial meeting and the decision is made to work with JVIS to manufacture the component, Mathews says JVIS stays in constant contact with the customer to ensure the planning process goes smoothly.

MATHEWS: “We hold regular meetings at all phases of the project from planning, launch and post-production. That’s what really sets us apart. Each step builds confidence in both parties as a relationship is matured. Relationships are critical to our partnership.”

Once the planning process moves forward, JVIS will utilize advanced vertical integration, which guarantees that every part is manufactured to exceed your expectations. As a complete concept-to-consumer manufacturer, we fully integrate a variety of manufacturing processes to produce the very best part at the lowest cost.


We understand you have questions about which manufacturing process is best for you to produce the highest quality product. You deserve to have the answers in advance of investing in a partnership with JVIS, and we are more than happy to provide those answers.

MATHEWS: “Baseline pricing, sample pricing, minimum-order quantity, terms and TO timing will all be understood and written down into a letter of intent to kick off the production order. All this would be completed once JVIS is selected as the source and partner to the project. I think the customer should ask questions specific to their product. I think we should make the process as easy as possible.”

Ask questions early and often. If you are not sure about any aspect of our engineering and manufacturing processes, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. It is always better to find solutions ahead of time instead of backtracking in search of answers, losing precious time in the process.  Part 2 of Things to Know Before Working With a Manufacturer will take a look at communications, precision, JVIS and its global partnerships.