JVIS Adds Flocking to It’s Growing Arsenal of Product Options With Acquisition of Eteron Inc.


Monday, July 30, 2018; Shelby Township, MI —We are giving our global customers yet another reason to make us their supplier of choice. JVIS USA, LLC has recently purchased Farmington Hills, MI-based Eteron Inc., which means we can now add flocking to our list of manufacturing capabilities.

“We are very excited about this purchase,” said Jack Fuery, JVIS USA’s Vice President of Operations. “At JVIS, we take pride in being able to always offer our customers the latest technologies and vertically integrated services to meet their every need. Adding flocking to our portfolio aligns perfectly with this strategy and gives us a great opportunity to expand our reach.”

Flocking is frequently utilized in the automotive industry, and is the application of fine fiber particles to adhesive-coated surfaces in areas such as the glove box or center console. The resulting velvet-smooth surface improves appearance, reduces friction, eliminates noise, absorbs light and sound, and enhances functionality and durability.

At JVIS, we have plans to take our flocking capabilities off the road.

“We also see great opportunities for our customers outside the automotive market to use this flocking technology, “ said Jason Murar, President of JVIS USA. “From consumer retail products like apparel and toys or high-tech electronics and computer parts, to global industries such as aerospace, marine, military or recreational — there is a global need for flocking, and our JVIS team can make it happen.”

With this purchase, Eteron employees — and the existing 35,500-square-foot Eteron facility in Farmington Hills, MI — will now become part of JVIS. “We are excited to welcome Eteron employees and their flocking expertise to the JVIS team,” said Murar. Since it was founded in 2001, Eteron has established a solid reputation of meeting and exceeding customer expectations for all of their flocking needs, specifically in the automotive industry. This will continue under the JVIS name.

“With this newly-acquired facility being in such close proximity to both our JVIS headquarters and the majority of automotive manufacturers and leading OEMs, we’ll be able to offer localized support and continue to deliver the latest technological innovations for our customers,” said Fuery.

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